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Content marketing and digital media management have quickly become essential parts of connecting with your target audience and educating them on your brand’s personality, values, and product and service offerings. The need to be in touch with your audience has never been more important as consumers turn to brands for relevant and informative content more and more every day.

Highly integrated with every aspect of your online marketing strategy, content marketing allows brands to engage with their target audience through providing information that offers value to the reader while ultimately building the brand and driving prospects.

At A&H Digital Marketing, we focus on the following four steps to provide excellent content writing services to ensure a solid content marketing strategy for our clients.

Highly Relevant Traffic Most Efficient Channel Great Long Term Value

Campaign Strategy

At the foundation of every successful content marketing campaign is a deep understanding of your audience. By evaluating your brand activity, we are able to measure current engagement and explore new areas of opportunity. We work to identify the tone and messaging that best represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

Leveraging analytics, we are able to derive insights on your audience demographics, interests, and how your brand fits into their lifestyle. We zero in on buyer personas and conduct an in-depth analysis of other brands in the space in order to give you a full picture of the competitive landscape.

Brand Identity

No two brands are the same. Our approach to any two projects is built on a unique strategy to get results, and a purpose-built team of industry specialist thinkers and makers to make it happen.

We analyze the influences and conditions shaping the market to identify the key opportunities that inform our brand strategies. It takes research and insight to pinpoint brand opportunity, and our strategic and creative experts understand how brands work.

What does your brand stand for, and what’s its core mission? Our purpose-built teams of thinkers and makers apply research and insight to define a brand. We create and partner with brands that mean something to people and contribute to culture.

Copy Writing

As your content marketing campaigns progress and strategies evolve, measuring success and improving upon areas of opportunity is critical. Whether it’s the first piece of content or the hundredth, we continue to optimize our content to test a variety of mediums, frameworks, promotional tactics, and call-to-actions.

This measurement system allows us to implement new strategies while testing, iterating, and improving them over time. Content marketing requires a diverse content mix: not overly promotional while integrating compelling product or service offerings in a natural fashion. Data and results drive this balancing act as in-depth analysis and optimization of campaigns results in continual improvement and digital media solutions.

Content Strategy

Mapping out a clear content strategy that reflects the understanding of your audience, their interests, and the type of content they will respond best to allows us to not only reach your target audience but also engage and convert them.

Our SEO content writing and topic generation process takes into account best SEO practices and gets to the heart of trending topics within the industry.
We work to generate content your brand owns such as blog posts, social media content, white papers, e-books, landing pages and brand specific content that all work together to drive the overall strategy. Every piece of content is then optimized for social sharing, promotion, outreach, and syndication, allowing us to leverage social channels your brand owns during distribution.

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