Mobile Apps Marketing

At A&H Digital Marketing, we provide you with a detailed app marketing plan which includes a step-by-step approach to launch, promote and monetize your app by outlining competitive landscape, audience profile, users’ expectations and structuring market opportunities and challenges. We will help you choose the right path for continuous growth of your mobile business.

A simple app download does not show the long term value of your mobile app user without additional measurement and analysis. With more and more money being spent by consumers in mobile apps, a mobile app is becoming a key revenue channel for both established and new businesses. Understanding the principles of developing your mobile app marketing strategy is the key to boosting your app usage, converting users and increasing revenues.

Highly Relevant Traffic Most Efficient Channel Great Long Term Value

Mobile App Strategy

A&H Digital Marketing empowers companies to take on different challenges on a daily basis, keeping up with the dynamic nature of the ever evolving world of mobile. Through building a strong mobile customer journey, we’ll help you master the toughest challenge of all – understanding your audience. We’ll tailor a unique mobile strategy fit for your brand be it through an app, a responsive website, mobile campaigns, app consulting, partnerships, new monetization models, and more.

Mobile App Design

Our design process begins by first seeking insight into your business goals. This explains the need gap fulfilled by your product which in turn helps us define the design objective.

We then brainstorm to create a storyboard that visualises the user journey. Our focus is to create a product flow that is smooth and minimizes user effort and our wireframes, a sound depiction of the user experience (UX), are infused with a coherent design language to evolve into an engaging & immersive user interface (UI).

Target Audience

A&H Digital Marketing’s unique program that ensures our clients stand out in the crowded mobile marketplace and form strong relationships with users.
Targeting the correct audience creates greater visibility for client apps through app stores, mobile search and discoverability.

We optimize the conversion of audiences at key engagement points to increase and improve retention of the most valuable users.

Mobile App Consulting

A strong marketing strategy rests on three pillars – Search Discovery, Visual Appeal and User Reach.

With over a million apps on the app store today, it has become imperative to incorporate the right app store search strategy to get your app discovered. This is our core specialization and we cover all aspects of an app’s app store presence including app store category, app title, keywords and description.

At A&H Digital Marketing, we know how to tell a good story by focusing on your app icon, screenshots, preview video and favorable user reviews.
And finally, to truly go viral, we need to provide greater exposure to the app through reviews and paid advertising. Here it is not merely sufficient to tell the right story but its also important to tell it to the right audience.

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