Search Engine Optimization

Search Marketing has evolved into a crucial element of today’s marketing and business strategies. Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, plays a critical role in the acquisition of new users and building an online presence for your business. Digital SEO lays the foundation for a strong online presence by allowing your website to organically rank in search engines for terms relevant to your business and industry.

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Ranking Strategy

Think of your website like a spider web. Search engines such as Google, Bing use Spiders to crawl your website’s data that is then processed by their algorithms. These Spiders have an easier time navigating your website’s web through a matrix of links (i.e. your website architecture). Each connecting thread leads to a landing page on the website and needs to be optimized to tell the website’s story or theme. With a talented team of data-driven SEO marketing experts, we can research opportunity gaps in the keyword landscape and find opportunities on your landing pages to cast a wider net of commonly searched keywords to bring your website more relevant traffic. Our on-page optimization process is world class. A&H Digital Marketing uses the top enterprise level software to dismantle your competitors’ SEO strategies and top recruited talent to execute on our professional SEO services.

Keyword Research

Whenever you build something of quality, you have to start with a solid foundation. Without the right keywords, your SEO campaign is already starting the race two laps behind the competition and towing a ton of bricks. You get the picture.

Keyword research involves getting inside the head of your customers and clients; discovering how they perceive your product or service and how they search for it. Everyone searches differently and not everyone searches during the same stage of the buying cycle. These are factors that need to be carefully considered when forming keyword lists which act as the core of your SEO strategy.

A&H Digital Marketing will put together a list of recommended keywords based on the content on your site, your products or services and content we plan on developing.

Local Strategy

If you have a small business, you may be wondering how you can utilize Search Engine Optimization to grow your leads. You can (and should) by utilizing a digital strategy called Local SEO. While similar to SEO, Local SEO is highly specific in its strategy and only works for local businesses. If you aren’t already familiar, SEO is the process of determining what keywords, search phrases, and topics your target demographic is looking for in search engines and optimizing your site so that it is placed on the first page in the search results.

SEO Audits

Our comprehensive SEO Audits dive deeply into the inner workings of your website’s search engine strength, uncovering the entire host of potential negative and positive factors for your own web properties versus your most powerful competitors.

In addition to these core findings, we also supply extensive appendices and worksheets to increase your effectiveness in fixing known issues while developing more powerful metadata and keyword strategy using our recommendations. We also include a customized worksheet for citation logs that will increase local SEO strength as well.

With our SEO Audit in hand, you will have every inch of information you need to dominate SEO in your vertical. Many of our clients see immediate pops in their ranking terms within a short time of implementing our suggested technical fixes. However, beyond this initial burst, we arm you with the perspective and strategy for long-term on-page and off-page optimization to drive continued improvements for years to come.

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